those Mothers I’d Like to Fuck.

When you see some middle-aged woman with big-titties and hanging cleavage and leopard skirt with bedazzled bras, then she must definitely be a MILF. Well I barely look like that and never want to look a bit like that.Ever.

Truth is, I’m just a 15 year old boy with a crazy attitude who listens to the media and watches the world trembling down scared. I’m that kind of boy that when you see in the street, walks awkwardly, maybe with a cup of hell hot coco in hand, maybe not. Or that guy who you think is secretly watching your every move in mall. That’s me.

Well i find it hard to believe that I stumbled upon this tumblr thing on the internet and thought it was good. My bestfriend also showed me some looks about this blog site thingy and I thought, HEY MILFS ARE HOT and i should really make a blog dedicated to them. NYAWW kidding, nah this blog/site/schite thing is not about MILFS. It’s about me and my world and what i perceive in this shit called world. (Maybe i can get arrested for this).

Anyways, the name’s Bagas. but it may be hard for you lazy arses to pronounce it so i guess you can simply call me B. or whatever you like to call me. I’m not into long term relationships. :))

Skittles rock. peace out.